Healthcare AI

We build machine learning solutions using natural language processing and graphs to struggle with day-to-day healthcare concerns more efficiently.
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Graph-powered machine learning solutions

There are many reasons why you should use graphs and many why you should not. But in healthcare, graph databases are invaluable, especially in data visualization and patient-oriented predictions. Contact us and see if they suit your business needs.
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We build NLP and Graph products with patients' benefits in mind

If you struggle with producing trustworthy entity extraction, sentiment analysis, text summarization, text generation, speech recognition models, or chatbots, we will provide you with turnkey AI solutions you can trust.
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How do we work?

Identifying the problem
Exploring data and preparing proof of concept
Proposing deliverables
Developing model
Productising and maintaining products if needed

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Do you wonder about problems that currently can and cannot be solved with AI? - Let's talk.
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